Saturday, May 29, 2010

dream, dream, dream....

I don't have a camera to phototgraph my daily outfits, but i do have a computer, and i do check fashion blogs daily. So i'm gonna show you some of my style icons and fave designer.

1. A. McQueen
Alexander McQueen Faithful Bootie.

-A. McQueen Geometric Stripe Peep Toe

2.Miley's style

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I love her style, she's very casual chic.

3.Vanessa Hudgens' style

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I truely think that she knows how to put some things together.

4. Dajana M. from

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She is just amazing to me.

6. Andrea K. from


I love, love her.

7. <3>

Rachel seems like everything just comes to her without any struggle. She has an amazing style, and I very much understand why she is a style icon.

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